I'm going to try and do this without spoilers but I apologize if I get caught up in my love for Downton and accidentally spoil something.
  1. Sybil
    The most badass character on the show. She's a feminist who fights against the social restraints that the time period put around her. My favorite Sybil moment is when she comes to dinner wearing pants and her family can't handle it. 10/10 would recommend Lady Sybil as a favorite character.
  2. Edith
    God bless Edith. She's the classic middle child who rises from the ashes to run her own business and life and be a wonderful person. Edith is a badass.
  3. Violet
    100% badass, she's feared and she's loved and she gives no fucks. Also according to people in the show she's like 112 so she looks great for her age. (Disclaimer: does not carry lightsaber, SHOULD)
  4. Mary
    Okay, straight up Mary is a bitch. But she's a very lovable bitch and she goes through a lot of shit. I deem her a badass because of how she handles herself and what she accomplishes.
  5. Isobel
    Anyone who goes head to head with Violet on a regular basis is a badass. She's also a really cool lady. (Disclaimer: she goes not carry a lightsaber in the show, but she should.)
  6. Gwen
    Really makes something of herself. She's a badass for taking life by the horns and just chasing all her dreams.
  7. Rose
    Rose is the puppy dog of Downton. She sees the good in everyone and does whatever the fuck she wants. 10/10 would recommend Rose as a favorite character.
  8. Anna
    Not just a great lady's maid but a great friend. Anna gets shit done and stands up for herself. She goes through some pretty intense stuff and manages to handle it with grace and class and a tiny bit of sass.
  9. Cora
    Cora is too pure for the drama her family gets tangled into. She's very supportive of her daughters and the things they want to do with their lives, she's also hella rich and she's American.
  10. Ms. Hughes
    Hughes runs this shit. She's a badass because she cares for everyone and always stays calm when someone in the the staff fucks up beyond belief.
  11. Mrs. Patmore
    She cooks great food for tons of people while basically raising Daisy. Maternal badass.
  12. Rosamund
    Keeps Edith's secret and loves Edith when literally no one else does. She is also known to put Robert in his place so I love her. She's a cool aunt.
  13. Ivy
    She's okay but also not that great. She makes some bad decisions. I honestly don't have strong opinions about her.
  14. Ethel
    Ethel is annoying but I also remember feeling kind of bad for her. She's a 2/10 but I wouldn't recommend her as a favorite character.
  15. O'Brien
    She's a shady bitch and I never liked her.
  16. Daisy
    I guess Daisy is okay because she gets an education but for the most part I hate her.
  17. Jane
    Oh Jane, you're down here with Edna. You made a lot of bad decisions Jane and I have zero respect for you. You're not a badass.
  18. Edna
    The actual worst person to ever be on the show. She makes Tom feel shameful about his family, discredits Lady Sybil, and is the world's shadiest bitch. She is 0/10 and I HATE her. She is not a badass.