1. Harry Potter has been something I've loved since I was 12. I didn't just love the story but I loved the connection it created between me and anyone else who read it. It's not hard to find someone that likes Harry Potter, it makes making friends an easier task. It creates a common ground on which you can build a friendship.
  2. When I was in high school my love for Harry Potter was kind of a running joke. It was the one thing people knew about me and knew they could talk to me about.
  3. My senior year I had lunch with two of my friends. My one friend James was a sophomore and had lived across the street from me for ten years. He was very happy to learn we had lunch together. The other one was my friend Lauren who was in my grade had been my friend since 6th grade.
  4. The three of us sat at the same table everyday and ate lunch and worked on homework. One day a boy randomly walked up to our table, put his backpack in an empty chair, and went to buy lunch.
  5. Lauren and I were confused but James explained that the boy was in his grade and that he has autism. James said that he like to sit with new people and would just pick a different table everyday.
  6. When he got back to the table with his food he immediately asked us if we knew about Harry Potter. I told him that I loved Harry Potter and he got beyond excited.
    I have yet to see some get that excited since
  7. Then he announced that we were going to play Harry Potter. He assigned us all roles and we were off.
    James was James, Lauren was Lily, I was Baby Harry, and he was Voldemort.
  8. We started from the beginning and worked our way through the first book.
    We would talk through scenes. I would help James and Lauren, who hadn't read the books, with their parts and he would narrate the whole thing.
  9. He sat with us all week and every day we acted out a different scene from the first book.
    It was the most fun I ever had in a high school cafeteria. We would pretend to cast spells and have conversations while in character. He loved to switch the roles mid-scene, which would confuse my friends to no end, but I found it funny.
  10. We made it through all of the first book by the end of the week. When the bell rang on Friday he stood up from the table and while walking away yelled, "see you next week! On Monday we fight the basilisk!"
    I read Chamber of Secrets over the weekend to prepare
  11. But on Monday he moved on to a different table and a different group of kids. He would occasionally sit with us at random times through out the rest of the year, jumping into a scene the moment he sat down.
    I alway got excited when I saw him walking towards our table.
  12. I found out through friends that a lot of people didn't play his game with him. Maybe they hadn't read the books or maybe they just didn't want to, I don't know.
  13. But I'm happy that I did. That Harry Potter let me connect with this boy on a level other people didn't. I wouldn't say we were friends but for the rest of the year he would say hi to me in the hallways, always frantically waving and smiling.
  14. That was the point in my life that I loved Harry Potter the most. Because it let me go on an adventure with my two very confused friends and one very excited boy.