1. I bet some people read the title of this list and thought, "there is not a single Selena Gomez song that I NEED to know." But you're wrong because there is.
  2. The year is 2011. Selena Gomez is 18. She's still an Disney Channel star and has not yet reached her full potential. This youthful version of Selena was asked to host the EMAs.
  3. Looking for something to had some edge to her squeaky clean image she accepts.
  4. In order to promote Selena's new hosting gig MTV created a commercial. That commercial featured a song called, "Congratulations to Me"
  5. Seen here: this song quickly became the best musical production Selena Gomez has ever been apart of.
  6. You may be asking: Why does this song matter?
  7. The answer? The chorus of this song is the anthem that will get you through anything.
  8. Slept less than 12 hours for the first time in a long time?
  9. Buying yourself another box of Bagel Bites because you deserve it?
  10. Your list is trending?
  11. One of the big list appers likes your list?
  12. Killing the fashion game?
  13. Didn't kill that one coworker who likes to touch you all the time?
  14. Made it through an entire conversation without fucking up?
  15. This song is so important because it allows to you congratulate yourself for the minor victories you achieve everyday. So let Selena and her catchy commercial song into your life because you need it. No. You deserve it.
  16. It will also get stuck in your head for days so sorry about that.