(This is based on my very deep love of a jacket)
  1. I'll get a call in the middle of the night, not on the phone but in my soul. I will awake from a deep slumber and I will know it is time.
  2. A fish will appear in my room, swimming through the air as though it is water. It will open its mouth and release hundreds of bubbles. In the bubbles are moments. Moments of the past, present, and future.
    I will see myself, my parents, my grandparents, my ancestors, and my children.
  3. Time will cease to exist as I sit on my bed watching the fish. He looks at me. I look at him. I watch the bubbles pop one by one until they are all gone. The fish opens his mouth and utters three words.
  4. "It is time."
  5. A flash of light, the smell of summer, rain drops. Suddenly I find myself on a beach.
    I'm alive. No, I've died. No I am neither. I merely am.
  6. The fish is gone and a man is walking down the beach towards me.
    He is young, no older than 25, with thick sandy hair and a crisp white shirt under suspenders. He studies me for a moment before speaking.
  7. "O'Toole?"
    His word is laced with a thick Irish accent. I've never met him but I know him. I know his eyes and his smile and the curve of his nose. He is family.
  8. I nod and he smiles. "Don't be nervous, you were made for this. It is your destiny."
    I smile weakly.
  9. He turns to the water and stares out across the waves. A light rain continues to fall. I follow his gaze and notice a ship on the horizon. It's getting closer and closer, much faster than is humanly possible.
  10. Without taking his eyes off the ship he offers me his hand.
    I take it and look at him. He is smiling. He turns to me and winks.
  11. "Be strong."
  12. A clasp of thunder.
  13. I'm no longer on the beach but on the deck of the ship. I am completely alone. I look out over the rail towards the shore hoping to see the man but he is gone. The beach is empty.
  14. A noise behind me startles me. I quickly turn around and she is there.
  15. Leaning against the rail of ship completely at ease. She is radiant and powerful.
  16. Her name escapes my lips.
  17. "Elizabeth?"
  18. She pulls her mouth into a slight grin and nods her head.
  19. "So you think you're ready?"
  20. Courage surges through my entire body. I feel alive for the first time in my life. This is it. This is my destiny.
  21. "Yes."
  22. She laughs.
    It's beautiful.
  23. "Of course you are."
  24. She shrugs off her coat and holds it out to me.
  25. "Treat it well."
  26. I accept it from her hands and hold it in my own.
  27. I take a deep breathe and pull in on in one quick movement.
  28. Elizabeth offers me one last smile before the light flashes again.
  29. I am in my bedroom. The coat fits perfectly to my body. I look unbelievably cool.
  30. As morning creeps in the stare at myself in the mirror.
  31. This is my destiny.