Lots of other people have done this but I don't remember who started it or who I saw do it. So if you did it then hey, you inspired this list! Thanks!
  1. Months ago, on a sunny day in October my sister (@CoachK) snapchatted me and told me she wanted to draw but didn't know what to draw.
  2. I snapchatted her back that I had just bought a jar of peanut butter and that she could draw that.
  3. And she did!!!
  4. She drew a beautiful picture of me holding my jar of Skippy. She even captured the little smile I get when I look at peanut butter.
  5. I decided to bring the picture to life so I could send it to her. Life imitates art and all of that.
  6. So I changed my clothes, put my hair in a bun, grabbed my jar of peanut butter and
  7. took this picture
  8. and this picture
  9. and this one
  10. annnnddd this one
  11. Later that day in October I decided to get an account on an app that BJ Novak kept tweeting about. I needed a profile picture and I had a phone full of peanut butter selfies.
  12. So I picked one and used it.
    I've had two other profile pictures during my time here on the List App but I always come back to the original.
  13. And that's how my profile picture came to be.