When The Naked Brothers Band was a hit Nickeldeon show I was a huge fan. We must all live with the decisions we made in the past.
  1. Googling 'Naked Brothers Band' was a risky situation
    Forgetting letters or misspelling things led to a lot of images that 5th grade me did not need to see. I just wanted to see Nat Wolff.
  2. No one else was a NBB fan
    It was my secret obsession. I watched the show religiously and listened to their music all the time. I had no one to share my love with.
  3. Their music wasn't good
    I was so loyal to Nat that I still listened but it took a lot to make myself like it. Some of their songs were decent but overall it was a struggle.
  4. I couldn't stand Thomas and David
    They annoyed me to no end. They weren't funny and they got way too much screen time.
  5. No one else thought Nat Wolff was cute
    But then when The Fault in Our Stars came out everybody thought he was cute???? And I couldn't brag about knowing he was cute for so long because then I would have to admit that I watched NBB.
  6. I was in love with Nat but I also wanted him to be with Rosalina
    They were my first real OTP. At first Nat had a crush on her and then they started dating and THEN
  7. The show ended with Nat and Rosalina broken up
    My first true heart break. I've watched a lot of TV since then and still nothing has cut me so deep.
  8. My sister never let me love NBB in peace
    She was the worst. I just wanted to love Nat Wolff in peace and this bitch had to come in here with her opinions and jokes.
  9. I still get their songs stuck in my head at least once a week
    And I sing them and no one understands
  10. Now I have to go find their movie on the Internet and watch it.