It's always fun when people tell you things about yourself
  1. I walk very fast
    Almost everyone I know has told me that I walk too fast. Keep up people, I'm not slowing down.
  2. I talk very fast
    Someone once told me that I talk like a Gilmore. Flattering, but also very telling.
  3. I touch my lips a lot
    I guess when I read I kind of like play(?) with my bottom lip? It's definitely not a conscious decision but according to my friend I do it all the time.
  4. I bite my lip a lot
    A boy in my Econ class last semester told me this. He thought I was flirting but I was actually very deep in thought about the Justice League movie. He pointed it out more than once and it was awkward every time.
  5. I tie my shoes like a six year old
    The bunny ears work and I will not be JUDGED for my choices.
  6. I dance a lot
    Recently one of my coworkers asked if I mean to always be dancing or if it just happens. It just happens.
  7. I'm tall
    This sounds dumb because obviously I know that I'm on the taller side but I never noticed it until people started pointing it out. I've never thought 5'9" to be that tall but according to the people I work with I'm a giant.
  8. I look tired 105% of the time
    There are days that I think, "you did it! You got enough sleep! You're doing great!" And yet every day someone tells me that I look tired.
  9. I'm very approachable
    I learned this when I was 17 and random people would just start talking to me at school. People just tell me things, I have no idea why.
  10. I'm funny
    When I was in seventh grade a girl in my journalism class told me I was funny and when I disagreed with her she turned to the entire class and said, "raise your hand if you think MacKenzie is funny." and they all raises their hands. Eight years later and I'm still riding that high.