I'm sure other people have done this. Cleaning out the ole drafts
  1. A lot of people call me Kenzie
    By a lot of people I mean everyone I work with. When I was a kid I swore I would never be a Kenzie, I either went by MacKenzie or Mac. When I started my job the kids picked up on the second half of my name rather than the first part and called me Ms. Kenzie and it stuck and now everyone calls me Kenzie. It's grown on me.
  2. I love skinny jeans
    I was so devoted to flared jeans that it was almost problematic. I thought skinny jeans were stupid and too tight and uncomfortable. Now the thought of wearing anything but skinny jeans makes me uncomfortable. I've lost my tolerance for all that excess fabric.
  3. I really like hummus
    Sometimes I think about the Mediterranean chicken wrap I refused to eat when I was ten because it had hummus and hate myself. I was so young. So stupid.
  4. I cut my hair!
    For a long time my hair was so long it touched my butt. I swore I would always keep it long because it was pretty and I liked it and other people really liked it. On an impulse decision a week after my 19 birthday I had 13 inches cut off. It's grown since then and now if hangs mid-boob. I can't believe I spent so many years with hair that took 24 hours to completely dry.
  5. I say a lot of bad words
    I was one of those asshole kids who thought cursing made you a bad person. I was so fucking lame.
  6. I don't eat junk food
    My eating habits when I was young were awful. I would eat anything sweet with no regard for how it made me feel or what it did to my body. Now I eat vegetables like their candy and haven't had anything made by Hostess in the last two years.
  7. I'm not friends with a lot of people
    We grew apart, it's for the best.
  8. I'm not super rich
    ???? I thought you turned 18, became an adult, and had the money to buy whatever you want???
  9. I don't use what little money I do have to buy the latest Hollister fashions
  10. I've never broken my foot jumping over the rocks in the front yard while running to the front door
    Unbelievable. I suppose there's still time but I assumed I would have done it already at least twice.
  11. I openly engage with strangers on the Internet
    I have vivid memories of telling my friends that I didn't have a MySpace because I didn't want to get kidnapped. I was the WORST.
  12. I'm 5'9"
    I got tall and I loovvvvveeeee it