It's fine. I'm not bitter.
  1. Beatboxing
    My oldest sister "doesn't like mouth sounds" so I was never allowed to practice. I could have been great.
  2. French Horn
    I was in the school band. I had to practice for a grade. I wasn't allowed to practice in the house because it's "really loud and annoying." I never rose above third chair.
  3. Piano
    My older sister and I took piano lessons when I was in high school. She was pretty good at it, I was not. I never got to get better because it was "super annoying" when I tried to play.
  4. Driving
    My brother taught me to drive for seven minutes. Seven. It only took seven minutes for him to declare that I was a terrible driver and he was incredibly bored. I eventually paid a teacher and got my license but it could of all happened a lot sooner.
  5. Video Games
    "You can watch." "You'll play next, I promise." "After this round." I was always left behind in Mario games so my character got dragged off screen and died.
  6. Having an opinion of my own
    Suggested by @mother