I think this a part 2 but tbh I'm too lazy to check
  1. When parents get mad that their son is using a pink blanket
    First off your child is asleep, he is not aware of the color of the blanket he is using. Secondly, your son is 1 1/2, there is a very high chance that he is unaware that it is pink. In his mind red is pink and orange is red and blue is black. Lastly, so what??? The color of the blanket your child is using is not going to damage him in anyway shape or form?? Also the kids in class are not forming opinions on his masculinity, they're eating boogers and calling rectangles circles.
  2. How money works
    Like I get it but I don't. Is there really a piece of gold backing every dollar in circulation? So when you buy gold you're trading gold for gold? Gold is supposed to be valuable but if there's trillions of dollars worth of it in the world wouldn't that make it kind of...worthless? Money is an illusion and we all pretend it isn't so we don't go insane and have to trade chickens for American Eagle jeans.
  3. Why I didn't when the Powerball
    I was very prepared to win. I would have been very generous while also put purchasing million dollars worth of authentic Lord of the Rings costumes and props.
  4. Why more people don't laugh at my puns
    Look, I'm fucking hilarious. I make great puns and great jokes and people don't appreciate them like they should. I just don't understand??? I get a quick wit can be intimating but I'm also a very nice person. I'm the human version of that Full House moment when Joey asks Michelle why Jesse doesn't want to hangout with her and she says, "I don't know, I'm a fun girl!"
  5. People who actively dislike Harry Potter
    I can get it not being your thing but hating it??? I'm sure if you actually read it you would really like it. I respect people's right to like or hate whatever they want but I also think hating Harry Potter takes a special kind of person who is probably a psychopath.
  6. 3-D Printers
    They seem too good to be true.