1. Crying on command
    I loved standing five feet away from my brother, looking him in the eye, screaming ow and bursting into tears. Hard to prove nothing happened when one of us is sobbing.
  2. Stealing just enough to make it look like nothing's gone
    I stole money from my sister for years before she noticed. A dollar here, three dollars there she had no idea.
  3. Putting things back exactly as they were
    Toys, clothes, my sister's diary. I was very dedicated to erasing any evidence of my presence. I'm very good at it.
  4. Eating vegetables
    Somehow everyone's servings ended up on my plate
  5. Chores
    "You do x,y and z and I'll supervise"
  6. Lying
    Over my dead body would I be the one who broke when questioned by Mom