1. For the Russian history test I have in the morning to be cancelled
  2. Two of those Thanksgiving themed flatbreads from Panera™
  3. Cheese scones
    I've never had cheese scones but I saw a video of someone making them today and they seem like something I could get behind
  4. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to be preformed in America
  5. For someone to tell me how to feel about the band Joe Jonas is in now that's not the Jonas Brothers
  6. To know if anyone has ever told Ariana Grande that she doesn't need men saying things in weird voices in the middle of her songs
    I can't handle the guy in the new song or the whispering person in problem
  7. Chocolate chip cookies
    Really, really, really good chocolate chip cookies
  8. To not have a dairy issue that is preventing me from drinking chocolate milk