1. Organ Transplants
    People take vital parts of people and put them inside other people and they just (for the most part) work. We are just robots with slimy transferable parts.
  2. 3-D Printers
    I don't understand how they work
  3. Sloths
    They don't do enough
  4. Frat Boys
    I don't trust their motives for approaching me
  5. When people ask, "are you sure?" after I make a decision
    Well for fuck's sake, I was until you got into my head
  6. People on campus who hand out flyers
    When I see someone with flyers my internal monologue is something like, "I don't want to check out your club but I also don't want to be rude, please don't look at me. Dammit. Yeah, of course I'll take one!"