My official thoughts as a self-proclaimed Harry Potter expert here on (This is the most dramatic list I will ever make.)
  1. A month ago I read a synopsis of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child online and I thought it was a joke. JK Rowling was begging people not to release spoilers and so I thought it was the product of a clever journalist who wanted to add some fun fuel to the rumors surrounding the plot.
  2. I was wrong. It was an actual synopsis of the actual plot of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  3. I love Harry Potter and I love JK Rowling and I think I'm having an existential crisis because I don't love Cursed Child.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I liked it. I like seeing Harry and Co all these years later. I like how it shows how everything they went through has shaped them as adults and as parents. I liked getting to meet Harry's kids and seeing how being the children of The Boy Who Lived has affected them.
  5. But I didn't love it.
  6. I will say that I'm holding out on making an official judgement until I (hopefully) see it on stage.
    From what I've read the show itself is spectacular to watch and reading a script is much different from reading a book. Maybe seeing it live with the music and the actors and the costumes will give it the little push it needs.
  7. .
  8. The plot itself is full of...interesting choices.
    In the nicest way possible the majority of it reads like a fan fiction, a very well written fan fiction, but a fan fiction none the less. More than once I had to be like, "okay, so this is happening. This is real. She wrote this. Okay. We're going with this. Ohhhkay."
  9. Certain lines and actions just seem un-Harry Potter like.
  10. I'm trying to do this in a spoiler free way
    And it's proving to be harder than I thought it would be
  11. I guess my biggest problem is that I felt like I didn't know the characters that I thought I knew so well.
    There were things that Harry said and Hermione did and even Malfoy did that just didn't feel completely right to me. I know that the characters are older and that they're supposed to have changed but it still felt off.
  12. But even if I felt as though the characters were the same I just can't get myself to be 100% behind the plot.
  13. I want to love it so bad because of what it is. It's Harry.
    Mildly disliking anything that JK Rowling herself wrote about Harry Potter feels very, very wrong. In the most dramatic way possible I feel like a traitor. I can't believe that I don't love it with all my heart. It's so confusing. I feel so lost. Even writing that I kind of dislike it makes me feel weird.
  14. If I had to some it up in one word it would be: frustrating.
    To me, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is incredibly frustrating.
  15. It frustrates me that this is the continuation that we get. This is the final act in Harry's play (pun intended) and I don't love it and that frustrates me.
    A part me wishes that she didn't write it all, that she just let the epilogue in Deathly Hallows be the only glimpse we got into Harry's future.
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