This is what I would put in a time capsule to immortalize my youth. I am far too lazy to dig a hole and I would probably forget where I buried it so I'll just make a list.
  1. Smallville season 1-4 on DVD
    Smallville shaped me into who I am today. The first four seasons of this show are essentially a teen crime drama where Chloe and Clark pal around solving the mystery of how people in Smallville got powers. (spoiler alert: the answer is always the meteor rocks) My sister helped me buy the box sets off and I watched them so much a lot of the disks don't work anymore.
  2. Nerf swords
    My family owned twenty of these. We wrapped them in colored duct tape so they wouldn't break and looked cooler (and they hurt more). We would arm the children of the neighborhood and just battle. Full scale battles. It was incredible.
  3. Dragon Ball Z
    My entire family would watch Dragon Ball Z together for hours. My single life goal is to go Super Sayian.
  4. Overalls
    Rocked them all day everyday
  5. Oreos and Capri-Suns
    Standard after school snack
  6. Mary-Kate and Ashley movies
    This should be a list of its own. My sister and I were convinced we were Mary-Kate and Ashley. I have seen every movie they have ever been apart of at least three times.
  7. Not wearing shoes
    I was one of those kids that would walk around barefoot until the bottom of my feet developed a layer of protection against the elements.
  8. Playing laser tag
    Every Friday night from 8 pm til midnight. I was so into the game that I developed a sort of high and would usually start shaking sometime around my third game in. I'm really good at laser tag.
  9. Cam Jansen books
    I wanted to have a photographic memory so bad after reading these. I used to blink really hard and say 'click' in hopes of it happening. It never did.
  10. Infomercials
    I don't know if it was just the channels I watched but I feel like 75% of the time I spent watching tv was spent watching informercials. Zoo Books, Floam, Digi Draw, Bendaroos, Blo Pens. All things my mom refused to buy me.