1. When I accidentally told my grandma that I cheated on my 10th grade Latin final
    I exited the situation real quick.
  2. When, after a whirlwind of middle school bus ride gossip, a girl believed that I was friends with Justin Bieber and then texted me asking to talk to him and so I catfished her for a few days until her dad found out and told my mom and I got in huge trouble.
    It was before catfishing was a thing and I was young and stupid and mean and I still feel really bad about it.
  3. When my 9th grade Tech teacher was telling us how she was upset because her dog ran away AND someone stole her bike and I raised my hand and asked if I could go work on my submarine.
  4. When, in that same Tech class, a boy in my group asked if he could help me wire the control box for our submarine and I said, "no, I want it done right."
    I was the only girl in that entire class and I had a lot to prove. (I also had the highest grade and built the best submarine but that's whatever)
  5. When my 12th grade French teacher pointed to her lime green sticky notes shaped like bowler hats and said, "they're just like Fudge's hat except his was emerald green." And I corrected her in front of the whole class by pointing out that his hat was lime green and then pulled out the book and proved it when she didn't believe me.
    She did not like me.
  6. When I helped my coworker light tape on fire to see if it was flammable and then accidentally told my boss we had lit tape on fire.