/anyone who's out there putting in work
  1. Hello. I'm so proud of you for chasing that education and putting in work. I know it's not easy but it is worth it!
    Or so I've been told, I've yet to reap the benefits but that's neither here nor there.
  2. I know how you're feeling, I work full-time and go to school full-time because while I ain't afraid of no ghost I am afraid of student loans.
    College is fun!!!!
  3. The other day I woke up feeling like a dead person so I hopscotched down to the local physician and asked her why my body was trying to kill me. She told me that I had a viral infection that my body couldn't fight off because I was over exhausted.
  4. She told me to call out of work and go home and go to sleep. She prescribed me sleep.
  5. I went home and passed the fuck out and woke up hours later confused but rested.
  6. So what's the point of this story?
  7. I know that college is stressful. I know it's easy to put things, like sleep, off because you have this frantic need to get things done.
  8. And you should do the things! Do your homework and study for tests and go out with your friends!
  9. But also remember that none of that is worth anything if your body spontaneously combusts.
    Don't let this be you.
  10. It's okay to sometimes prioritize yourself over your assignments.
  11. Take a nap, drink some tea, watch a tv show, eat an entire box of Zebra Cakes
    And don't feel guilty about every moment that you spend not doing school work.
  12. Take care of yourself
    A few late assignments or a few low grades are not going to define you as a person for the rest of your life. Being that crazy person talking to the wall after spending 36 hours straight in the library might.
  13. So go forth my little go-getters, go make sure you're well rested
    before you end up in a doctors office with a trained medical professional telling you that you need to sleep
  14. Listen to your body and your mind and keep doing your best.
    You're killin' it, kid.