1. I'm on vacation and I'm checking li.st for the first time in a few days
  2. What
  3. Is
  4. This???
  5. Static
  7. Why is everything so squished?? What are we achieving by squishing things? I like being able to read the first few lines of a list before I open it.
    Granted it's only for lists that have been relisted but still
  8. Giphy
  9. Every time li.st changes I feel old and out dated
  10. I'm scared that one day I won't be able to remember the way li.st used to be, at the very beginning when everything was new and everyone was cool because no one was cool.
    When it was called The List App and there were four little lines
  11. I understand that apps have to grow and change and expand but I'm just worried that in all that change and growth li.st will change
    Everything will become even more squished and eventually we'll have to buy magnify glasses in order to read all the all lowercase list titles
  12. I'll always love you List App but for the love of the Old Gods and the New stop changing
    I just can't keep up