A movement very close to my heart.
  1. Rainforest Cafe is with a doubt the coolest restaurant in the entire world.
  2. Cha Cha is the mascot. He's an adorable Red Eyed Tree Frog that's on all the merchandise. He's the best, just look at him.
    Somewhere in my house there's a toy Cha Cha that's dressed as an explorer.
  3. I believe as of now there's only seven Rainforest Cafes in the country. There used to be one in the mall near my house, it tragically closed many years ago.
    I don't understand why there are so few because they're amazing places and I would go there all the time if the one near me was still open.
  4. The inside looks like this
  5. The place is never quiet. All the animals make noise and there's a light rain soundtrack playing at all times.
    Sometimes it rains inside, like when they water the vegetables at the grocery store.
  6. I'm pretty sure every restaurant has a waterfall if not more than one waterfall.
  7. The fish tanks are massive and filled with all sorts of tropical fish.
    When I was kid and we would go I would just stand under them and watch the fish for what seemed like forever.
  8. The decor isn't event the best part.
  9. The best part is the Volcano Cake.
    Pictured here in 2012, the last time I was at a Rainforest Cafe (in Chicago). It's chocolate cake and ice cream and they shove a sparkler in it. When they bring it to your table they yell, "VOOOOLLLCCANNOO, VOLCANO, VOLCANO, VOLCANO." It's a life changing experience.
  10. I miss my Rainforest Cafe and I think as a community we need to band together to save the franchise.
    I'm also pretty sure that they donate some portion of something to preserving the the actual rainforest so that's good.
  11. Why do fun filled restaurants have to be confined to amusement parks and big cities?? The world needs more dining experiences that involve eating a volcano made of cake under the watchful eye of a giant animatronic elephant.
  12. The world needs more Rainforest Cafes.