This is kind of a mess but I just have a lot of emotions so please forgive me
  1. I'd like to start this by saying that I like Dumbledore as a character. I just think that he has a long list of flaws, and that's not a bad thing, it makes him a much more complex and interesting character.
    But I also think it's important that we acknowledge the fact that he is kind of the worst and not as great as he first comes off as.
  2. When I first read the books Dumbledore was one of my favorite characters. He was the good to balance Voldemort's evil and he could do no wrong.
    Everything he did was so thought out and wise. He was on a Chocolate Frog card! He had to be great.
  3. I was offended when my friend told me that she didn't like Dumbledore after reading the books.
    How can you not like Dumbledore? He's Dumbledore! It took me a while to understand her opinion. But I do now and in a lot of ways I agree.
  4. Here's why:
  5. One of his biggest flaws or fuck ups is that he let Harry be raised by the Durselys.
  6. I don't fault him for sending Harry to be with Petunia. I think he assumed, as anyone would, that she would rise to the occasion and raise her dead sister's only son. The problem lies in the fact that she didn't.
    Vernon and Petunia did not raise Harry like their own and Dumbledore knew that and he didn't try to stop it. Albus Dumbledore, the only person Voldemort ever feared, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, speaker of a billion languages could not stop two Muggles from terribly neglecting the little boy that saved the entire Wizarding world from impending doom? It took a three word Howler to scare Petunia into letting Harry stay after the dementor attack and he couldn't stop the years of abuse?
  7. Dumbledore thought he was doing the right by sending Harry away from the Wizarding world. He believed that growing up famous and powerful would ruin Harry.
    Because it ruined Dumbledore. He sought power and when he got it he prioritized it over his family and he let it bring about their destruction. He assumed that Harry would grow up to be big headed and egotistical and so just in case, he sent him away. For his safety and his own protection. As if there wasn't loving people within the Order that would have taken him in (@ Molly and Arthur) and raised him to be you know, not be the worst.
  8. But Lily's protection!! It only works at Petunia's house!!
    The magic that protected him from Voldemort was in his blood. Literally. Lily's protection flowed through his veins. Yes Voldemort was unable to find Harry at Petunia's house but don't you think that Dumbledore could have kept him just as safe somewhere else? He was willing to be Secret Keeper to Lily and James, why not set up a place for Harry and slap a Fidelius Charm on it? He didn't have to stay with Petunia.
  9. Okay but think about how strong Harry is because of how he grew up! His friends meant so much to him, he loved so much deeper!
    You can be a great person without living in a 2x3 cupboard under some stairs. Pain doesn't always make you greater, sometimes it just makes you sad or bitter or angry. Harry didn't need to carry that around, the death of his parents was enough.
  10. Dumbledore didn't understand that. He thought that Harry needed to grow up a certain way in order to be able to one day fulfill his destiny as human sacrifice.
    Harry had to want to save the Wizarding world because it saved him.
  11. All of this comes from the fact that Dumbledore had a very skewed perception of love.
  12. I don't think that he fully understood how to love someone and what that means.
    Voldemort's down fall was a lack of ability to love and Dumbledore's was a lack of understanding of love. He claims to love Harry, and he does, but he thinks that that love is an excuse. Harry has to forgive him for the lies and the secrecy because he loves Harry. Love isn't an excuse for being a shitty person, it just makes it harder to realize that some is being a shitty person.
  13. His lack of understanding inhibits his ability to form a real, solid relationship with Harry.
    Love is about trust, its about understanding, it's about laying all of the cards on the table and going from there. He was never up front with Harry. He never said, "this is the truth, it sucks and here's what we're going to do about it, together."
  14. The problem with Dumbledore is that he knew that Harry was the solution to ending Voldemort. He knew long before he started to care about the little boy with the broken glasses. He always planned to use him and was probably thrown off when he started to genuinely care.
    He had every intention of using Harry. It only got worse once he knew him because he also manipulated him. He failed to save Harry from an awful childhood and then he used him for so long without ever giving him the details he deserved. Harry was his to mold and he saw to it that he was shaped into the perfect weapon against Voldemort.
  15. I believe that Dumbledore loved Harry in his own way but I also believe that he saw him as a way to make himself even greater.
    The man that shaped the boy that saved the world. To be the hero of the world's hero. It's power unlike anything else in the world.
  16. Dumbledore was a great wizard but he was also a selfish, self-serving man that sought power in any way possible. He was greatly flawed and he owed Harry so much more.
  17. I think it's time that we all recognize that.