Being home for Christmas means sleeping in my childhood room which means going through all the stuff I've accumulated over the past 19 years.
  1. This fish hook
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    That was removed from my shin when I was five after my sister got a line caught around her foot and drove the hook into my shin. I was a major drama queen about the whole event but it also really hurt and I was five.
  2. My teeth
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    The two teeth I had pulled so that I could get braces. I think I was 10 or 11 and I know I screamed like hell when they put the numbing shots in my gums. There in really good shape for having not been brushed in nine years.
  3. Four different retainers
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    I've had six retainers in my lifetime and I've hated every single one of them. I also hated my orthodontist who didn't like me because I never wore my retainer. Looking back though it was kind of a stupid move to give a retainer to a third grader and then be surprised when they didn't wear it.
  4. This seal(?)
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    My sculpture skills really peaked in the first grade. I'm pretty sure I have it because my mom didn't want another clay blob being called an animal.
  5. My hair
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    I got the string art thing added in Florida when I was six. There's a tiny charm with a lizard on it on the end that I used to chew on, it still has the teeth marks on it.
  6. These handcuffs
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    They're real, police issued handcuffs that were given to me by my mom's friend who is a cop. I don't remember why he gave them to me but I have them. I also have the key taped to the inside of my dresser because they cannot be unlocked with a bobby pin and I've gotten stuck in the before.
  7. This fake lighter that's actually a camera
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    I've never been able to make it work correctly but it's a mega cool concept.
  8. The word BABE
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    I love the word babe and I say it all the time so I bought these in a Hobby Lobby in Georgia last summer. It really speaks to me.
  9. This
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    Purchased at a Goodwill in North Carolina about 10 years ago. I have no idea why I bought it but I know I made my aunt wait while I went back into the store to buy it for 79 cents. Please let me know if it's a very valuable collectible.
  10. And this plaque depicting the story of Stonehenge
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    This is my sister's and it's very informative. I have absolutely no idea why she bought it.