Or: Smells I associate with love
  1. Freshly cut grass
    I promise I'm not just copying Hermione I really have an attachment to freshly cut grass. It reminds me of summer time at my grandpa's house and being a carefree child. It's not romantic love but it is love in a very pure form.
  2. My mom's perfume
    She's worn the same perfume my entire life. It's the one smell that I would recognize anywhere. When I left for college I took one of her sweatshirts and kept it in my bed because it smelled just like her.
  3. The ocean
    My favorite place in the world. I met the first boy I ever had a proper crush on at the beach. I was 10 and even though I denied liking him when my siblings teased me about him I was conceived I was in love with him.
  4. Laundry detergent
    Freshly washed clothes always make me think of being home and being clean. My love for cleanliness mixed with my love for my house and my family.
  5. Dove Men's body wash