I have six chapters of Russian History to read, so I made a casserole.
  1. A butternut squash is just a weird long pumpkin that would be hard to carve
  2. I'm super good at cutting apples
  3. Apple cider vinegar does not taste good on its own
    It's also does not taste bad
  4. My roommate has decided to leave her dirty pan on the stove as an act of silent warfare
  5. Sticking your hand into a pot of hot rice is fairly dangerous
    But also effective in checking temperature of said rice
  6. It's always best to google the disposal pan you bought at Walmart Express to make sure it's oven safe
    It is, but only up to 425 degrees
  7. The $1 peeler seems like a great deal until you try and use it and it breaks
    The same goes for the can opener.
  8. Cinnamon gets everywhere. Everywhere. I hope my roommate isn't allergic to it because it is now a permanent part of our kitchen counters.
    I should probably find out if my roommate has allergies
  9. Casserole involves like 30 minutes of manual labor and then you have to wait another hour to eat it
  10. We should all strive to be as supportive and caring as middle aged women on recipe blogs.
    "Try a little less butter, Karen." "I found pumpkin seeds really tie the whole dish together!" "Saving this for when my family comes!!"