1. Not get: a stalker
    I'd be flattered but I really don't need someone knowing how many times I trip over nothing and say very inappropriate words. I'm also very boring and I feel as though you would get mad at me for not being entertaining and turn to murder. I want to live so I can enjoy your gift.
  2. Get: cool presents
    I really like unique things (like vintage pictures, one of a kind wall art, dragon teeth, signed copies of Harry Potter) hook me up with something cool. I want people to ask about it so I can say, "oh that? I got that from a stranger on the Internet."
  3. Not get: weapons/bombs/creepy stuff
    I am very easily frightened, please do not send me anything that remotely resembles anthrax.
  4. Get: Pins
    I collect pins! Usually I like to actually visit the place the pin is from but this seems like a good exception to my rule. Hit me with those pins.
  5. Not get: live animals
    I'm not 100% sure how the postal service works but please don't send me live animals. I love animals but my apartment doesn't allow them and my mom will kill me if I bring one home.
  6. Get: a cool new experience
    I've never done anything like this before, hopefully it will be something so cool I'll want to do it again.
  7. Not get: murdered
    Really, please don't murder me I'm only 19. I'm practically still a youth. I may even grow a little more. Please and thank you.
  8. Get: Internet street cred
    When The List App gets big and next year everyone is all over the Secret Santa I'll be able to be like, "I was part of the first one ever." I'll finally be hip!!!