I've been slowly losing my voice over the last three days and I'll be damned if I don't get some use of the situation
  1. Screamed like the Witch King
    I am the Witch King and I will be feared (this probably hurt my throat more but it was totally worth it)
  2. Whined my sister's name just to bother her
    At one point I was annoying myself
  3. Butchered the entire Hamilton soundtrack
    I already can't sing and this throat situation just makes it ten times worse
  4. Mumbled jibberish just to see how many times my friend would say "what?"
    She gave up after three
  5. Avoiding talking to my annoying coworker by pretending my voice was completely gone
    A lot of hand gestures and muffled whispers
  6. Had an excuse to leave work early
    Turn up the cough and try and hold conversation with a "sick" voice and you get to leave a half hour early
  7. Mildly flirted with a hot dad during a parent/teacher conference
    MILDLY. I wasn't even supposed to do the conference and his wife wasn't there and my voice had settled into a kind of sexy raspy situation, whatever it's fine