I never meant to care about Teen Wolf this much.
  1. Stiles and Lydia to be together
    For real. No voodoo magic, no banshee hallucinations, no alternate realities. I want Stiles and Lydia to be in a beautiful, loving, extremely sarcastic relationship.
  2. The return of Issac Lahey
    Bring him back from France and let him help the gang solve mysteries.
  3. The return of Jackson
    Lizard man turned werewolf has lots of potential.
  4. The resurrection of Allison Argent
    Some may call this too much but if the whole benefactor thing could be an actual plot for half a season then some werewolf/banshee magic can resurrect Allison from the grave.
  5. Newly resurrected Allison and always been alive Scott to live happily ever after
    Give it to meeeeeeee
  6. A kickass final villain
    The trailer seems promising with the whole erasing people from existence thing. It's seems just creepy enough to be a lot of fun to watch unfold.
  7. A solid CGI budget or no CGI at all
    The Beast and season one Peter Hale Alpha were cut from the same $200 CGI budget. CGI is not the shows strong point, give me a villain like Void Stiles that requires no CGI and has a good storyline over a fancy werewolf any day.
  8. Puppy dog Scott McCall
    I want to see this little bean happy for at least an episode.
    I want Scott to go adopt hundreds of baby teen wolves and raise them as his little baby wolves, like when Buffy trained all the potential Slayers.
  10. An ending shot of Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Allison.
    I want the core four setting off for college or having a joint wedding or really doing anything that implies that they all lived happily ever after as the godparents of each other's children
  11. To know what Stiles' real name is
    I don't care but I also care just enough that it will bother me if the show ends without ever saying it (which it probably will)
  12. Lydia Martin to be the hero
    I love Scott but I have waited so long for Lydia to rise as the hero she is. If this is the last season then I want it to be Lydia in all her glory saving everyone's asses and looking great doing it.
  13. Some of these happened and we’ve still got twenty minutes