1. On the days my demons are weighing me down I like to take them on a trip.
  2. When they're hanging on to every inch of me saying terrible, terrible things I gather them up and together we venture out.
  3. I bring them here and I tell them to do their worst.
  4. One at a time I let them scream the things they so often whisper and while their backs are turned and they're busy screaming I run away.
  5. I run until I my insides start to burn and my legs protest and then I stop and I look for my demons.
  6. I left the one that likes to tell me that my friends don't really like me out there.
  7. And the one that is always telling me that I don't try hard enough is way out there, probably still screaming.
  8. A few are out there, saying means things about me.
  9. The one that tells me to be afraid all the time is somewhere in there.
  10. The one that goes after my body is harder to shake. It's smart. It knows the game. I don't even try to sneak away from it, I throw it off, turn on my heels, and run like hell.
  11. I run until my heart is beating so fast that it feels slow and then I run a little more.
  12. Then I look back and they're all gone, even that one. They're all lost and confused and wandering around trying to find me again.
  13. They will. They'll find me. Some will take a while and some will be back by tomorrow morning, but right now they're out there and I'm here.
  14. And I can't hear their voices from here.