I like photography, I think it's a fun way look at the world. I have an old, heavy Nikon that fits perfectly in my hands and has yet to fail me. When I'm sad I like to wander around and take pictures. Photography makes me happy, it lets me feel okay. Here's some of the world through a lens I'll always love.
  1. Great Falls post rain storm
  2. A calmer part of Great Falls
  3. A tide pool with its own little current
  4. An accident! The blur on the edges is from condensation on the lens, it ended up looking pretty cool
  5. A mermaid
  6. The last remains of a rope swing in the woods
  7. A farmers market on a very rainy day
  8. Jane. She had very kind eyes.
  9. A farmers market on a very sunny day
  10. Sunrise
  11. Sunrise
  12. The back alley of a city in the fall
  13. A staircase to heaven (it led to the ocean)