1. I hope to one day return the book I stole from my seventh grade science teacher.
    My friends thought that I stole it because I had a crush on my teacher and wanted to remember him. I stole it because it was a good book and I wanted to reread it. My teacher was cute though.
  2. I hope to one day sincerely apologize to the girl I catfished in sixth grade.
    I felt bad when it happened and I did apologize but I want to apologize again as an adult knowing what I do now.
  3. I hope to one day find a way to make it up to the girl I cut in front of in the bathroom line at that brewery last month.
    I really had to pee, saw an opportunity, and took it. She really had to pee too.
  4. I hope to one day plan an ice cream party for my entire fourth grade class to make up for the one that I delayed three months by failing multiplication tests.
    They all just wanted ice cream and I kept them from their dreams.
  5. I hope to one day formally apologize to Bran Stark.
    His boring storyline led us to an incredible storyline which we would have never gotten without him.
  6. I hope to one day forgive myself for saying that One Tree Hill is the greatest tv show ever made.
  7. I hope to one day make it up to hummus for calling it "gross brown stuff"
    We all must live with our mistakes.