Not a sermon*, just a thought. (*Actually a sermon)
  1. Hello, friend. You may be like The 100?? What the hicky hack is The 100??
    The 100 is a television show that airs on the CW at 9pm on Thursdays. It's currently in its third season and it's a very important show that you should be watching.
  2. What's it about??
    Glad you asked. The planet has become inhabitable because of nuclear war so the humans flee to space where they live on a giant space ship (the Ark). After some time the space people decide to send 100 criminals (who are all under 18) back to Earth to see if it's habitable again. The show follows those teens and the life they build on Earth.
  3. So it's Lord of the Flies with a fancy name?
    No. The first season has LotF vibes because it's about them building a settlement and all that jazz but it's not LotF. The real kicker comes when they find out that generations of people survived on Earth. They're not alone and the Grounders are not happy to see them.
  4. So it's angsty teens trying to survive in the woods?
    Noooo! Please don't let the CW label throw you. It's a show about teenagers but they're complex, changing, real teenagers! It shows the chaos that comes with no structure and the mental trauma that comes with being shot out of a spaceship onto an empty (you thought) planet and having to live. It's characters are so so so strong and have amazing development.
  5. Characters? Like who?
  6. Like Clarke!!
    (Ah season one Clarke, so gentle, no blood on her hands) Clarke is one of the best characters in television history. She starts has the Hermione of the group who wants everyone to follow the rules and be nice and turns into a fucking badass leader with a myth about her power surrounding her. Clarke is the number one badass mother fucker and she's bisexual which only adds to her complex character development (her relationships are v intense)
  7. And Raven!!
    Human sunshine, Raven Reyes. Raven is an electrical engineer who pilots a dinky ship that she built to Earth by herself. She's the only reason everyone on this show is still alive (well, almost everyone). Raven struggles with an injury that makes her question her self worth and leads to depression and whatnot and the show portrays is it in such a real way it's amazing.
  8. And Octavia!!
    Ugh, Octavia. Octavia isn't supposed to exist because of the Ark's one child policy so she lives in floor boards and shit until she's caught and sent to Earth. Octavia takes no one's shit and is the coolest person on the show. She goes from being powerless to being incredibly powerful and she fights with a sword which is really the dream. Octavia is the one who sees the Grounders has a society rather than savages and is an important political player because of it.
  9. And Lexa!!
    Homegirl commands the entire fucking Grounder world. She's the Commander, the leader of the Grounders. At one point she kicks a man out a window. She's amazing and also incredibly flawed which makes her a very real character. She makes hard decisions to protect her people and she always looks like an adorable raccoon. (Also fights with a sword!!)
  10. Wait, wait, wait. All these women are main characters??
    Yes!!! This show is all about the female characters! It's all females, all the time! They're leaders and engineers and warriors and lovers and everything else under the sun!!! They're all amazing!!!
  11. Is there dudes?
    Yeah, there's dudes.
  12. Like Bellamy
    Who starts the show as kind of a dick and turns into Clarke's partner in leadership and the nicest person on Earth. He's constantly sacrificing himself for others. His best quality is letting Clarke make decisions for herself and then supporting her decisions. He's never threatened by her power or strength and is also a 10/10 cutie.
  13. And Monty
    He's a botanist who was arrested for growing weed in the space station. He's very kind and always willing to help and is a precious cinnamon roll who needs to be protected.
  14. And Jasper
    Jasper is a character that is so well developed I can't even handle it. He starts off being the comic relief but eventually the shit they go through begins to change him and it shows!! I just love when characters change based on their experiences.
  15. And Lincoln
    He's a Grounder that becomes friends with the Sky People (the teens) and shows them Grounder life. He's very smart and very handsome.
  16. So it's just their lives? Like a "day in the life" kind of thing?
    No silly, it's them trying to build society on a war torn planet!! They go to war!! They're always at war, and people die and it's heartbreaking. I mean this show knows how to kill a character.
  17. Doesn't war get old?
    No because it's so many kinds of war. It's actual war and emotional warfare and mental warfare and war with the nuclear environment. It's war in every way, shape, and form and no one makes it out unchanged.
  18. So recap this for me.
    Okay. It's a post apocalyptic show that tackles the physical, emotional, and mental trauma that comes with trying to build a society out of nothing. It follows complex characters as they navigate this new world and the challenges it throws at them. It will make you laugh, and gasp, and cry, and scream and wonder why other tv shows are so prone to depicting teenagers as angsty fuckers with no problem solving skills.
  19. Any downsides?
    The first couple episodes can be kind of "ugh, okay" but once it gets going to never stops. Also you will get too attached and then shit will happen and you will be emotionally unstable.
  20. Watch The 100 because it deserves your viewership and 100 more seasons.
  21. Also everyone on the show is beautiful, okay BYYEEE