There are holiday processions through the streets of Islamabad, so my security advisor has instructed me to stay in my hotel. It's gotten weird.
  1. Organize the sugar, powdered cream, and powdered coffee packets into like groups. Order those groups by size. Line up the packets in a pattern. Then a different pattern. Then a different one.
    If you're really desperate, try to stack them in different castle formations.
  2. Inspect your hair for split ends.
    Watch out - this is addicting.
  3. Turn on the TV and discover that you've already watched (multiple times) every movie that's on. Turn the TV off. Turn the TV on 10 minutes later, just to check if anything has changed (it hasn't).
    If you're in Islamabad, you might catch such gems as Son of the Mask (the understandably unknown sequel to the Jim Carey classic), Sex and the City (with all shots and mentions of anything sexual cut out), or Half Past Dead (Ja Rule and Steven Seagal must foil a criminal plot in Alcatraz - no joke).
  4. Refold all your clothes.
    Try to line up all the seams perfectly.
  5. Read a book.
    Thank goodness for kindles.
  6. Read the NYTimes.
    Good thing you have a subscription.
  7. Read old issues of the New Yorker you always meant to go back to.
    That profile of Grimes was tops.
  8. Shop online for things you can't afford. Put $2k worth of clothes and housewares in your shopping cart, then close the tab.
    A girl can dream.
  9. Eat all the things in your room, regardless of hunger.
    No snack is safe.
  10. Go through all the photos you've ever posted on Facebook. Then go through all the photos you're tagged in on Facebook. Resist the urge to comment.
    Don't be that girl.
  11. Consider doing work. Decide against it.
    Yea right.
  12. Screw around with a new app.
    Case in point: @list