1. The Martian
    Gave me such anxiety but I love a buff Matt Damon❣~NOT A COMEDY NOR MUSICAL~
  2. The Danish Girl
    Eddie Redmayne😍 Alicia Vikander😍 {cried thru this whole movie}
  3. The Final Girls
    Kind of weird and tacky but in the best ways possible & great cast [I'd watch anything with Adam Devine in it]
  4. Sisters
    Tina & Amy are the greatest and adding Ike Barinholtz=🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Bonus: guests from 30 Rock, Parks&Rec, AND snl💞
  5. Room
    Jacob Tremblay is an angel and Brie Larson is a revelation {cried thru this whole movie}
  6. Sicario
    Had higher expectations for this movie but EMILY BLUNT IS THE BADDEST OF BITCHES
  7. The Big Short
    Loveeeee the cast but was v confused the whole time. (Also Ryan Gosling's spray tan was tooooo much)