1. 1.
    Adam Devine
    He'd give me some gag gift and some chocolates and we'd order pizza and watch a movie and he'd be cute and funny as hell­čĺś
  2. 2.
    Harry Styles
    We'd go on a v romantic date, maybe get matching tattoos and he'd be v sweet and it'd be magical­čĺ×
  3. 3.
    Michael B Jordan
    We'd have some drinks and go to a basketball game, it'd be delightful and I'd j swoon every time he smiled­čśŹ
  4. 4.
    Colin Jost
    Omfg we'd go get ice cream or something and I'd j listen to him tell jokes and watch him giggle all night­čśÜ
  5. 5.
    Oscar Isaac
    He'd cook me dinner and we'd eat under candle light. He'd def sing a little­čĺč
  6. 6.
    George Clooney
    We'd take his private jet to Paris to have a seriously fancy dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower obviouslyÔťĘ