1. For Jay Z- what the fuck went down between you and Solange in that elevator?! The world deserves some gd answers
  2. For Khloe Kardashian- do you like the song Chloe by emblem3?
  3. For Ben Affleck- how fucking could you?! Also plz provide substantial proof your back tattoo is fake.
  4. For Harry styles- are you dating Louis Tomlinson? If not, marry me?
  5. For Mike Schur/Ricky Gervais- what tf was in Roy/Lee's bag in the pilot of both of The Offices?
  6. For MJ, Tupac, & Elvis- where u boys hiding out @?
  7. For Steve Nash- was that u I saw at Crocker Park in Cleveland, Ohio like 5ish years ago?
  8. Oprah- could u plzplzplz lend me a cool mil?
  9. For B.o.b. - were you serious about the world being flat?
    Suggested by   @alyssafields