1. Ordering pizza
    As if I would call to order a pepperoni pizza and the worker had j had enough of pepperoni that day and freak out on me
  2. Tall, open buildings
    I neverrrrrr walk too close to railings in open buildings in case I manage to trip and fall over the 4 foot railing to my death
  3. The gov looking through my msgs
    Nothing to hide or anything j think its weird that grown men can be reading my msgs about 1d whenever they want
  4. Clicking "do not ask me again"
    I feel so mean when I choose this option. It also has a finality to it that I have a hard time committing to.
  5. Directions/getting places on time
    Nervous sweats every time I don't know exactly where I'm going whilst walking or driving
  6. My neighbor Mike
    V cool guy but he also puts off this murder vibe even though he's never been anything but nice