Jobs I've Had Before Receiving an Undergraduate Degree

  1. A&W Root Beer Waitress (Those mugs are heavy and the brown and orange polyester mini jumpers were very itchy)
  2. Telemarketer (hated it)
  3. Concession server at Blossom Music Center (heard some great concerts)
  4. Medical Records Clerk
  5. Truck stop server/cook/bartender (we all pitched in and I had no idea how to bartender, plus I was underage)
  6. Work study program - assistant in Office of Student Activities at Ohio University (met great friends there)
  7. Intern at Chamber of Commerce in Westerville, Ohio
  8. Intern at Ohio University Post (daily student newspaper) - fell in love with journalism
  9. Intern/News Reporter at Athens Messenger in Athens., Ohio
  10. Helper/Assistant at Pediatric office - basically called back patients, but sometimes they would let me do urinalysis and spin blood (pretty sure that wouldn't fly these days)
  11. Babysitting - didn't like
  12. Survey assistant - occasional field work, billing and taxes for my Dads survey company
  13. Potato farmer (ok so this was a volunteer job- but my childhood best friends family had a potato farm and I sometimes helped)