1. Tour Biltmore Mansion - The no AC, big crowds combo is stifling.
  2. Disney - do I need to explain?
  3. Climb the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse- climbing, heat and close quarters = not feeling so good
  4. Visit Texas period. July in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are all equally hot, hot, hot.
  5. Book a B&B in Charleston, SC, without checking if said B&B has air conditioning.
  6. My first time at Carowinds amusement park in July 2010, the park vendors were giving out free water and issuing heat advisories. Medics were all over the park tending to overheated people. I haven't been back.
  7. Outdoor festivals and concerts - to me they smell like feet, stale beer and body odor.
  8. Being outdoors period, except in water.
  9. Organize the attic - "if I only had a brain!"