Wig Wins and Woes

I recently got a wig to cover my hair loss due to one of my chronic illnesses. I've learned some things
  1. WINS
  2. I got to visit the Asheville wig shop for a legit reason.
  3. I sometimes leave it around the house in weird places to freak out my family
  4. The color/highlights don't fade
  5. It's super easy to get ready. I can just say, "Let me put on my hair" then we can leave.
  6. WOES
  7. Sometimes I forget where I left it.
  8. My neurologist was very concerned when she felt lumps on my head. Then, I remembered to tell her I was wearing a wig and the lumps were combs keeping the wig in place.
  9. It's hard for my kids to keep a straight face when I'm scolding them when my wig is askew.
  10. The wig doesn't stay secure in strong winds which is embarrassing.