Sometimes they are awkward because the words aren't commonly known, and other times, the words are just plain akward
  1. Cat head (My father-in-law's description of a muffin)
  2. Cattywampus (learned from my husband who is from Texas) - it means diagonal, more or less
  3. Genitals (as in - I see you are touching your genitals, should we find you a bathroom?
  4. Weenus (the flap of skin that holds your elbows in) The kids find this funny- "Mom, your wee us is showing."
  5. Pus - for obvious reasons
  6. Any kind of STD. Gonorrhea, syphillis, etc. You can clear a room with these words. I do have a story which I am not brave enough to share here.
  7. Moist - universal Uuugh
  8. Vomit - Immediate gag reflex
  9. Do you have akward words to contribute