Words That Would Be Akward to Say in Public

Sometimes they are awkward because the words aren't commonly known, and other times, the words are just plain akward
  1. Cat head (My father-in-law's description of a muffin)
  2. Cattywampus (learned from my husband who is from Texas) - it means diagonal, more or less
  3. Genitals (as in - I see you are touching your genitals, should we find you a bathroom?
  4. Weenus (the flap of skin that holds your elbows in) The kids find this funny- "Mom, your wee us is showing."
  5. Pus - for obvious reasons
  6. Any kind of STD. Gonorrhea, syphillis, etc. You can clear a room with these words. I do have a story which I am not brave enough to share here.
  7. Moist - universal Uuugh
  8. Vomit - Immediate gag reflex
  9. Do you have akward words to contribute