My day so far... And still some 7 hrs to go..

  1. Wake up 4:30 am to finish my bag and get ready for trip to airport
    Well, I am slow and don't want to be rushed while I do my make up
  2. Hubby begins to rush me at 5:50, we need to leave to beat traffic!
    Gosh! He is obsessed with "phantom" traffic jams..
  3. Go figure... A traffic jam at 6:15 am! And raining like crazy
  4. Arrived at the airport at 7 am lots of time to spare, quick bag drop off, today is good! Geneva here I come!
    *sighs* If I knew them what I know now...😞
  5. At the gate, short 1 hr delay, ok not the end of the world...
  6. 15 min later flight cancelled. "Proceed to T2 to get your new flight/boarding pass" says the voice from the sky...
  7. 3,5 hrs later I get a message with a new flight via Brussels. Leaving at 17:00 and arriving in Geneva at 20:30...
    Ok, better than nothing right?
  8. 16:30, an apologetic voice announcing the cancellation of the 17:00 flight to Brussels
  9. Faking coolness I approach the counter and explain my situation, re booked for the 20:50 direct to Geneva... If the weather condition allows the flight..
    Counting slowly: one, two, three... Deep breath!
  10. So I took an executive decision.. This will make my waiting a bit more bearable..
    Do you agree?
  11. To be continued... Still another 3 hours to go....
  12. Update: arrived at midnight but my bag did not....😢😢😢