I am a "baby li.ster" as I have been here for about 4 months, yesterday I read @biz for the1st time, loved her list and while I was reading the comments I saw the news about her. Well this is what I have to say:
  1. Thank you humble app for returning me the faith in people
  2. Thank you li.st community for sharing real things, funny things, sad things, curious things, weird things, inspiring things, real human feelings...
  3. The social media is so full of bullying, self centered people in love of their own reflection, that an app like this where real human feelings is the norm is so refreshing!
  4. I understand and feel your loss to all who knew @biz better
  5. Lets keep this place an oasis for real people that have something nice and honest to share
    Be knowing that others can be as dumb or smart or sad or happy as ourselves, we become more understanding and tolerant of others
  6. @biz is no more, long live @biz