Ok, this is mine. Born in Colombia and living in The Netherlands, so some answers are adapted to my situation
  1. 1. First concert
    Sting, I was 15, in Toulouse, France. It was great!!
  2. 2. Stripes or solids?
    Solids! I struggled with my wait growing up so horizontal stripes are a big NO
  3. 3. Who would star as you in a movie about you?
    Anne Hathaway! Ok I am not as pretty as her but she can be smart and goofy at the same time
  4. 4. Where do you go when fast food is in order?
    Well, to a place where the Colombian "fast"food is served: empanadas, pandebonos, aborrajados..😋
  5. 5. Favorite chip?
    Potato must taste like potato! Natural flavor, kettle rustic ones..
  6. 6. What animal better defines you?
    C'mon.... Cat, cat, cat, cat and wait...... Cat!
  7. 7. My DQ order
    We don't have DQ in Colombia, but when ordering frozen dairy treats I will go with a cone covered in chocolate
  8. 8. Worst injury ever sustained?
    Wow a difficult one, its not that I had boring childhood I was just careful..😝 well I almost cut off my LH index finger with a machete...
  9. 9. Favorite past time?
    Read! And if discovering new cities count, then that!
  10. 10. If you were a color, what it would be?
    BLUE! All shades of it..
  11. 11. Apple or other?
    Anything but apple! Ok I like apple pie and strudel but no apples as the fruit to go.. Plums! Nectarines and watermelons!
  12. 12. Morning or night?
    Night hands down
  13. 13. My go to song?
    Forever young and. Wonderful life. This is an odd choice but it sadness distracts me from what ever I am going trough...
  14. 14.most recent book you read and would recommend?
    Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov... And just add A dog's heart from the same author...
  15. 15. I couldn't live without this flavor?
    .....…garlic....... Love it and can detect immediately if a dish has no garlic at all
  16. 16.number of times you participated in TPing someones house?
    None, not a thing growing up in Colombia
  17. 17. If you could have one thing you don't have today (not money) what it would be?
    A big family so I can cook for them every day..
  18. 18. Gotta get away, where you going?
    A big exiting city! Tokyo, NYC, Sidney, Madrid, you name it.. And just walk, with no particular direction and discover corners and places that only locals know.. Ok a nice beac ( Maldives, Fiji.. Are also welcomed!)
  19. 19. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be, mentally speaking?
  20. 20. Something about you that has yet to be shared?
    I wish I was younger to be able to apply for that project of people that will go to populate Mars..