10 Memories with Jeff

One for each year. Which actually makes it 11 🤔 - these aren't my pictures but maybe the visuals will inspire you.
  1. 2006: when we were still flirting and we were walking in Colonial Williamsburg by the governor's palace and I was like: "I couldn't jump the wall [of the palace, a W&M tradition] with you because it's bad luck to jump it with someone you like......"
    Lol so contrived
  2. 2007: when he took me to Juggling Club on our very first Valentine's Day and I met some of my still very greatest friends.
    Also I eventually learned how to juggle.
  3. 2008: when we were each out of the country for a total of eight months of the year but each time one of us came back out was the best feeling ever.
    Months and months of being apart and then when you see each other it's pretty special (we studied abroad different semesters in the same calendar year 🙄).
  4. 2009: when we just moved in together and then there was a big snowstorm and we went to the 14th & U snowball war before it got broken up by the cops
  5. 2010: when we visited our friend in Costa Rica and we borrowed some guy's horses and got a tour of the local edible plants from a former park ranger
    One thing we saw was teak (but edible but they grow it there)
  6. 2011: when we first moved to Incheon and we went to a kimbap place and we spent approximately thirty minutes trying to decipher the menu and choose what to order with our pocket translator and a guidebook and our infantile Korean reading skills
    A similar menu
  7. 2012: when we were living in Chiang Mai and we saw a whole bunch of paper lanterns in the sky at night and it was beautiful and also we got an ice cream sandwich and it was literally ice cream in between two pieces of white bread
  8. 2013: when we rode in a hot air balloon over the weird and wonderful landscape of Cappadocia
  9. 2014: when we rented a weird three wheeler car/scooter thing and drove around San Francisco
  10. 2015: when the day before our wedding we were hanging out at my grandmother's vacation house (our venue) and we saw a bald eagle overheard and dolphins in the river out front
  11. 2016: when we went to a Snapchat themed Halloween party and dressed up as face swap
    This is actually my picture. It was great and creepy.