Thanks for the request @veshecco !
  1. I've learned about a decent number of breaking news stories on list.
  2. I've learned about a lot of shows and pop culture things that I otherwise might not have known about.
    My husband now assumes if I heard about something, I heard about it here.
  3. There can be caring in a social media platform!
  4. Internet friends are great.
  5. I list better with drafts 😫
  6. There are other bookworms like me who just can't stop reading.
    A lot of my friends are readers but generally not to the same extent.
  7. It's fun to know people from all over the world!
    OK I actually already knew that but this is a great way to continue that trend.
  8. It's OK to talk about my anxieties.
    I've done this in real life too with friends. It's been received pretty well.
  9. I can be brave enough to have a public account on at least one social media platform.
    It's this one. My confidence was shaken by the stalker and I haven't been able to blog lately but I feel like I'm gaining back my internet independence a little just by staying public here even though it's a small community.
  10. I confirmed for myself that I LOVE making lists!