Inspired by everyone
  1. Trivia
    Taking Jeopardy! online test next week
  2. Geography
    I learned all the world capitals for a trivia tournament I was recently in... There were no trivia questions.
  3. Puzzles
  4. Elbow strikes
    So says my self defense instructor! 👊🏻
  5. Reading
  6. Following recipes and making delicious food
    Mac and cheese is my specialty
  7. Learning languages
  8. Navigating subway systems
  9. Planning trips
  10. Remembering people's names
  11. Assembling furniture
  12. Coding HTML
  13. Defensive driving
    I have gotten myself out of several potential accidents that would not have been my fault (nearly getting sideswiped and the like), and afterwards I'm always like "I forgot to honk the horn!" But I guess it's better to, you know, be alive.
  14. Getting good grades/studying
    No longer a necessary skill...
  15. Working efficiently
    That's how I have time to write this list right now...