Inspired by @alligeeshow I love food and I ate plenty of good stuff this year.
  1. Pimento cheese toast
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    And everything else at LeGrand Kitchen in Norfolk.
  2. Mini pies at Pie Sisters
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    I did two tastings here and bought mini pies for my wedding from here 😍
  3. Sausage platter at Schmankerl Stube
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    Hagerstown, MD
  4. Bacon mac n cheese at Co Co Sala
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    Also the dessert there
  5. Iskender kebab at Yayla Bistro
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    One of my favorite dishes in Turkey - we found it in the US!
  6. Loaded baked potato salad at Graffiato
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    Heaven on a plate 🙌🏻
  7. Italian sub at Bub and Pop's
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    Look at all that cheese omg
  8. Homemade pasta 😍
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  9. Sandwich at Slows
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  10. I love Pupatella
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  11. Brisket sandwich at Cobbs Creek!
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  12. Any pasta dish at Osteria da Nino
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  13. Brunch at Open City
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    Worth the hour+ wait!
  14. Eggy Weg toast at Toast in Norfolk
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  15. Monkey bread at Rose's Luxury
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    We reserved the roof garden and it was WORTH IT!
  16. Hot dogs in Reykjavik
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  17. Dinner at Tickets in Barcelona
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    Pictured: snowy landscape - beef carpaccio and other stuff.
  18. Ch-ch-ch-churros and chocolate! In Barcelona
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  19. Duck breast in Collioure
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    At El Capillo
  20. Cassoulet in Carcassonne
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    At Als-Assiette
  21. Idiazabal risotto at Borda Berri
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    In San Sebastián. Also the pork rib was awesome.
  22. Nachos in Barcelona
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    We ended at at El Changarrito out of desperation but it was actually delicious.
  23. Pizza at Santarpio's in Boston
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  24. Tacos at Taco Bamba
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