It's my birthday! Here are some thoughts today.
  1. I'm wearing Christmas bow earrings that my mom gave me, they are big and cool and make me feel special.
  2. I'm going out to dinner tonight with friends.
  3. I hope my husband feels better by then.
    He had been having some pain and was trying to get to the doctor today ☹️🤕
  4. I usually don't make a big deal out of my birthday but I do want to be acknowledged.
    I'm not really friends with my coworkers so of course none of them knew. Oh well that's what tonight's dinner is for.
  5. I wish I didn't have to come to work today.
  6. I am excited about my trip to Luray this weekend.
    Going to stay in a cabin and play board games.
  7. For the next three days, Jeff and I are the same age.
    We always pretend like it's a magical time.
  8. I am pretty pleased with where I am at 28.
  9. Though I guess I thought I'd have figured out what I want to do by now...
  10. But I'm working on it.
    Even if I secretly fear that I'll never find a job I really like.
  11. I still toy with the idea of becoming a librarian, maybe a school librarian.
  12. But I worry about job prospects.
  13. Should I just go for it?
    But what if I don't like that either?
  14. I want to be able to travel a lot more than I do.
  15. I need to go ahead and plan my trip to the Olympics if we are going to go.
    And I think we will.
  16. I wish I was brave enough to try out freelance writing.
    What if I can't make it?
  17. But hey, I've had a pretty cool life so far.
  18. I just set up a job interview for Friday.
    I'm not sure about the place, it's another law firm, but good to try anyway, right?
  19. I've traveled a lot (though I want more), I've had a lot of fun, I am very satisfied in my personal relationships.
  20. Last year I felt myself drawing inward, getting more introverted, but this year I am realizing: I do need other people.
    Even more than just my husband. I mean sure Jeff is great but I need to be with friends too. And I love hanging out with them. So I'm trying to say yes to more.
  21. I feel like I am making small, positive changes in my life this year.
  22. But I'm not totally sure how to get to exactly where I want to be.
  23. The road from here is a little unclear.
  24. But I'm trying to orient toward the positive!
    I AM going to find a new job soon! I AM going to recover from my shoulder injury and be able to do silks again! I AM going to find a job I like, that fulfills me.. At least someday.
  25. List App is awesome.
    It has become an important part of my life.
  26. I want to hold a DC meet up.
    Instead of waiting for someone else to plan it I should just PLAN it. I mean part of my job is event planning so it's not like I can't plan, I was just, you know, hoping someone else would do it.
  27. 28 is a lot of thoughts.
  28. I hope I do well on the Jeopardy test this year and get to try out again 🤓