1. I'm really lazy about getting my hair cut. I like it short but usually I let it grow out for 6+ months between cuts. It's partially also reluctance to spend money on it.
    Sometimes I'm forced into action like I just remembered I'm attending a wedding Saturday and my hair is in that awkward growing out phase and sort of resembles a mullet so I just made an appointment.
  2. I once got my mom in trouble when I was 4 because I repeatedly groped a man's butt at a fast food establishment and the man thought my mom was doing it 😂
    I have been told the man had a patch on his jeans.
  3. I've never broken a bone.
  4. I had a bronchoscopy with a biopsy last summer because there were growths in my chest.
    I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis which is a somewhat rare immune condition. I'm in treatment and currently symptom free.
  5. Lately when I go to the dentist I struggle against an impending panic attack.
  6. But I haven't needed Xanax in over 8 months. 👍
    This is NOT to say that there is anything wrong with needing it or using medication! I am just using it as a benchmark to show that my anxiety is doing well with therapy.
  7. I'm almost caught up with Jane the Virgin.
    Exciting fact, right?
  8. My high school graduating class was 28 people.
    We're having a reunion this October.
  9. I feel like I've traveled a lot but yet I'm not even close to the top in the Bergemann family country count.
  10. This weekend we are going to my husband's cousin's wedding and I expect to meet a lot of his extended family for the first time.
    Despite the fact that we are about to celebrate our 10-year anniversary this year.
  11. My only food allergy is eggplant. 🍆
    I've met two other people with the same allergy. I'm not sensitive to other nightshades.
  12. I have outgrown asthma twice but it came back.
    Had it as an infant, then in fifth grade or came back, went away in college, came back in Mongolia. I learned that the British term for albuterol is salbutamol and that you can buy that over the counter in Mongolia.
  13. I was a horse girl and I dreamed of owning my own stables, teaching riding lessons, and/or riding in the Olympics.
    These now seen fairly implausible.
  14. I love dogs but my husband hates them.
    I don't know if we'll ever get a dog.
  15. I don't know whether I want kids. But I do know that I would want to adopt if I decide for kids.
    I have mentioned this very hypothetically to certain people and they have tried to talk me out of it (or more accurately shot down my stated reasonings for not wanting to have my own children) - not my husband btw.
  16. I don't shave my legs or armpits.
    But I probably will for this wedding. I have a complicated thought process about it. I don't want to do it and don't want it to matter but I know that for some people it does. So sometimes I shave.
  17. I shaved my pubes off for an ex once and I will never do it again. I trim and that's it.
  18. I was resistant to podcasts for a while but now I'm really into them.
  19. I still pick my nose.
  20. I like to be outside but can't take a whole lot of heat and humidity.
  21. I like hiking but I feel kind of miserable going uphill.
    Not good at controlling my breathing!
  22. I love trying new things.
    But a lot of times I don't stick with new habits or hobbies.
  23. I have lots of ideas, too many to actually do!
    Like yesterday I thought of trying a new cuisine to cook each week in September; but will I do it?
  24. I like buying stuff even though I know experiences are often more satisfying.
    Also paradoxically I hate spending money.
  25. I love taking pictures! I have a couple I've had printed and am proud of.
    This is one I took in Singapore.
  26. I love little miniature things, especially food.
    But I have resisted a collection so far.
  27. I love making maps of places I want to go and eat.
    It's a fun hobby.
  28. I like making lists (obviously), and also reviewing places I have been.
  29. I love to cook and follow new recipes but I'm super lazy about grocery shopping.
    I KNOW I need to plan the week in advance. But on Sunday I never want to.
  30. I would love a job in books.
  31. Or one where I could travel whenever I wanted.
    Maybe even one where I traveled places and wrote about it. A tourism board job perhaps?
  32. I did a lot of indoor rock climbing in college.
  33. So far I'm decent at pretending I can dance but rubbish at dance lessons.
    I'm contemplating belly dance lessons; maybe I'll prove myself wrong?
  34. My leg muscles are super tight and when I got a massage in Thailand, she focused there. I hated it and was in pain for days.
  35. Perhaps related to the above I can't do squats properly; my hamstrings are too tight or short or something.
  36. I also am terrible at yoga and usually hate it.
  37. But I like aerial silks!
    I need to use the rest of my class pack.
  38. I'm often easily distracted.
    But also capable of intense focus.
  39. I can't watch ghost movies because I find them too scary.
    Even the show Supernatural was too creepy for me when there was a ghost in an early episode.
  40. I love French fries and lately love to dip them in ranch dressing or garlic mayo.
  41. Africa is now the only inhabited continent that I haven't visited.
    I'm not counting Antarctica for that stat.
  42. I actually liked being naked in public when I went to public baths in Korea (where it is gender segregated).
  43. I have seriously considered posing nude for art or doing a burlesque show.
  44. I love karaoke and it makes me a little sad that people often say they would never do it sober.
  45. I don't drink and mostly people can accept that.
    Maybe I just no longer accept criticism.
  46. I try not to talk badly about any hobbies or categories of entertainment.
    Everyone's different and I know how hurtful and shaming it feels when you overhear your colleagues talking loudly about how gross trashy romance novels are - when you like them and have even written one.
  47. I was on food stamps for a year and I've engaged in lots of conversations about the stigma surrounding food stamps and government aid in general. Just realizing they know someone who was on food stamps has been effective at defusing some people's rants.
  48. Despite growing up on a seafood-focused peninsula I didn't like seafood as a kid (except fish).
  49. When I was younger I liked to gross people out while they were eating and display my ability to let nothing interfere with my appetite.
  50. I was deeply damaged by Christian purity culture and in some ways I'm not over it.
    Still really bitter about religion.