1. I'm at my in-laws for Christmas
  2. They have a large tree. Look at all those presents.
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  3. They go in rounds, where each person gets a present then we all open at once.
  4. Jeff got Five Tribes.
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  5. I got this Ann Taylor gift card.
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  6. I got these earrings.
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  7. Trivet!
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  8. Spoon rest!
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  9. Jeff opening the weirdest present, a baby doll that his brother wrapped up.
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    His mom is a Lamaze instructor so there are baby dolls all over the teaching room. But the awkward thing was that then people were like, Rachel are you trying to tell us something? 😬
  10. Salt and book!
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  11. We got and played this!
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  12. Kevin also got baby dolls...
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  13. The discard pile.
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  14. Dessert time!
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  15. Merry Christmas!