Inspired by @DG and @culture_czar - pics are my own!
  1. Arizona
    I started having altitude sickness symptoms at the Grand Canyon. Still cool though.
  2. California
    Drove around San Fransisco in a little three wheeled scooter car thing once.
  3. Connecticut
    Stuffed my face with pizza at Frank Pepe 🍕
  4. DC
    Taxation without representation!!! The rats in my Columbia Heights alley were huge and scary.
  5. Delaware
    Had a horse show in Dover Downs once. The rings were set up in the center of the racetrack.
  6. Florida
    Walking to get fresh Krispy Kreme basically every day of my Florida trip in seventh grade. I also ate hot dogs for like every lunch...
  7. Georgia
    Went to a puppetry museum and was almost the only person there which got creepy in some of the exhibits.
  8. Idaho
    Stopped at a Walmart to use the bathroom... Don't remember much else!
  9. Illinois
    Went to a performance of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. Entry fee was $10 plus a d6 roll.
  10. Indiana
    Have been to Gen Con, the country's largest board game convention, a couple of times in Indianapolis.
  11. Kansas
    The monkey bread at Doo Dah Diner in Wichita is phenomenal.
  12. Maryland
    I'm pretty sure I saw James Gandolfini in Annapolis once 👀
  13. Massachusetts
    At Haymarket in Boston I remember someone shouting "Mangoes for a dollar! Get your box of mangoes! What's wrong with you, get these mangoes for only a dollar!" In a super thick accent.
  14. Michigan
    Spending hours in Zingerman's trying everything. Also going to all of its affiliated stores in Ann Arbor in 24 hours to get a free t shirt.
  15. Minnesota
    Went to Sprecher brewery tour because they had soda tasting as well (and you could pay less to just get soda, which Jeff did!) Just found the glasses we brought home from this yesterday.
  16. Missouri
    Giant eyeball at Laumeier Sculpture Park! Also lots of other cool sculptures.
  17. Montana
    Went to an open house day at an alpaca farm. We should have gone earlier in the day because by the time we got there the kids has made the alpacas pretty skittish.
  18. Nevada
    Went to brunch at Wicked Spoon in the Cosmopolitan. Bone marrow on a buffet! Among other delights.
  19. New Jersey
    Once went to the Cape May zoo with my ex boyfriend and his mom.
  20. New Mexico
    Got a really cute haircut in a mall in Santa Fe.
  21. New York
    On a ninth grade trip I went to see the Blue Man Group and I was sitting in a chair that got danced on. Later that trip we had a class on acting out fights which we were all then obsessed with doing at school for a while.
  22. North Carolina
    The first time I went to the Outer Banks was a summer where there were an unusually high number of shark attacks. We learned this on the last day after we'd been swimming in the ocean a ton.
  23. Ohio
    Went to an adult megastore outside of Columbus.
  24. Oklahoma
    Ate at Cattlemen's in the OKC stockyards and then bought cowboy boots 👢
  25. Oregon
    Did karaoke at Chopsticks 2 in Portland and there was this guy freestyle rapping to Happy and it was so good!
  26. Pennsylvania
    Went to Philadelphia when it was -20 F daily and basically froze (but ate some good food and had a great time).
  27. South Carolina
    I once stopped at South of the Border with my family and it was kind of sad.
  28. South Dakota
    We drove through Custer State Park and peeked at Mount Rushmore and saw a buffalo! Later we didn't drive through Badlands because of the government shutdown. 😢
  29. Texas
    Went to the American Quarter Horse Museum in Amarillo which I loved.
  30. Utah
    Hiked around in Bryce Canyon which - gasp! - I liked even more than the Grand Canyon!
  31. Virginia
    Grew up in Virginia and now live there again! Good memory was getting married at my grandmother's vacation home on the water.
  32. Washington
    I've really enjoyed Pike Place Market whenever I've been in Seattle. Once did a cheese tasting for $2
  33. West Virginia
    Went tubing in Harpers Ferry and it was really fun but required way more paddling than anticipated.
  34. Wisconsin
    Checked out the Mustard Museum just outside of Madison. Lots of free mustard samples!
  35. Wyoming
    Went to Yellowstone in terrible weather which made us not want to get out of the car. But we did anyway and it was great!